Our Services

Privatisation Taxi

We at 800 cabs know the importance of getting things done efficiently. This is one of the special services we have available for cooperate companies & that is why we offer a plan in which we facilitate you or employees in transporting them where they may need to go to get the job done. Want to find out more, fill out the form right here.

Bus Service / Private Tours

Yes, we offer bus transportation as well. Our buses are well equip for long distances and it can accommodate up to 30 persons. Our prices are very affordable and flexible compare to the competition. Want to find out more, fill the form out and we’ll start making this happen.


When you find yourself in a foreign country, not knowing which streets are the least congested and which one to take, you hire someone to drive you to get from point A to point B. The person driving you can be a driver or a chauffeur. You are mistaken if you think that these have the same meaning.